Week 5

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart…”

Colossians 3:23

July 15-18

This week was full of last minute preparations for LC! LC was right around the corner and everyone in the office was rushing to make sure that everything would be perfect. On Thursday, staff left Nashville to arrive at Indiana University, while students and ambassadors left on Friday morning. With little time left, my coworkers and I made sure to double check that everything was ready.

When students arrived at the dorms, everyone would have a swag bag waiting for them filled with t-shirts to wear each day, letters to open twice per day from ambassadors and staff, a water bottle, a pen and a notepad, stickers, and other surprises. These bags took the longest time to prepare since items were constantly being donated and arriving to the office, and since there were around 100 bags. The letters from ambassadors and staff were stressful to get in each bag since we had much less copies printed that we thought, so Gabe and I had to recount every letter, then print and stuff more copies of letters into envelopes. There were two buses that we took to LC, one traveling from Memphis and one traveling from Brentwood. We also brought a couple cars to pack all the bags in, along with binders I created for all the students and all the staff. Since most staff left on Thursday, I ran last minute errands to pick up some things for my color group and my group leader, Alex. When everyone arrives on Friday, there is an opening ceremony where everyone dresses up, dances and listens to music, and gets to know everyone. Our state decided to split into color groups, where I was placed in the pink group, and we had a contest to see who had the most spirit and the best theme. For our theme, we decided to be “The Pink Ladies,” so I picked up some pink glitter, pink face paint, and pink bandannas.

Some of the LC Staff and Chapter President Student Binders
Stacks of Letters for LC
All Signs Packed Up for LC
Pink Bandannas for Opening Ceremony
LC Bags Stuffed and Packed
More LC Bags

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