Week 3

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart…”

Colossians 3:23

June 24-28

This week was a very busy week in the office! The past two weeks have been heavily focused on helping buddies write letters for Leadership Conference in July, but this week was vastly different since there were different projects occurring every day. This week, everyone helped clean out, reorganize, and move all items in storage to a new storage unit. I also helped organize some of the decorations and banners for the Friendship Walk, Prom, and the Best Buddies Gala. After cleaning out the storage unit, we cleaned out the office and reorganized another one of the offices. Besides cleaning out the storage unit and the office, there was a promotional video shot at the office which will be used to promote the Best Buddies organization to businesses around the country. Michael Blackburn came to the office to be interviewed and I helped him go over his lines for the video, write a Leadership Conference letter, and write another letter that will be used to thank a donor that donated shirts for LC. It was so fun having Michael in the office for a day because I loved listening to him explain his passion for Best Buddies and how Best Buddies helped him be proud of who he has become! Later in the week, I created binders for all staff and program managers to be used at LC that included all information on the schedule, students attending the camp, and everyone’s contacts. The entire office has been closed the week of July 1 due to the holiday, but I am excited to return next Monday!

New and improved storage unit!
Selfie with Mike!

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